Interactive NonFictionINF –Interactive Nonfiction - INF - is an online community project to be established as a collaborative tool for the research, production and exchange of interactive nonfiction formats (essay, report, documentary and online journalism).

Research will be empowered by the creation of an observatory formed by experts in the various fields of interactive nonfiction (INFLab).

Production will be encouraged by a program where different participants will be selected to produce prototypes of interactive projects related to nonfiction (INFPro).

Diffusion will be through social media present in the web portal, an online platform that will give visibility to the whole project and will allow a high degree of participation, exchange and interaction, becoming the first social network dedicated to interactive nonfiction (Infcom).

The expected applications and benefits of the INF project are targeted at various actors and sectors of the audiovisual interactive creation and production of nonfiction, academic research and training in this field and in social networks of culture, leisure and entertainment.



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