The applications and opportunities for expansion of the INF project can be deployed especially in three areas increasingly closely linked: research and innovation, teaching and training and production and distribution. As an indication only, we suggest that its availability may be useful to the following beneficiaries:

  • a) National, European and international research groups, which could use the platform as an observatory for acquiring documentation for visibility and dissemination (INFLab/Web)

  • b) University teaching and professional programs, which would have a platform for documentation and interaction for different teaching activities (INFLab/Web/Ind)

  • c) Specific postgraduate training offers such as an interuniversity Master’s Degree where companies could take part. (Infcom/Pro)

  • d) Initiatives for creation and production: production of prototypes through the creation of an interactive laboratory, a production program and links with specific companies (INFPro)

  • e) Organization of annual or biannual events related to the development of the field of interactive nonfiction (festival, congress, symposium, etc.) (INFCon)