INF is a multiplatform project which we will deploy according to the following stages of design and implementation:

  • Preparation of the general research project (2012).
  • Configuration of the structure of study and analysis (INFLab): the research observatory and the laboratory (2013).
  • Visibility and dissemination (INFWeb): the web platform (2013). In parallel with setting up the structure for research, design and production phases will generate the site that aims to disseminate the research results (INFLab), acquiring visibility on the net. During the development and optimization of the web desktop versión, it is also expected that the parameters will be adjusted to make it useful for mobile technology (INFMob).
  • Implementation of the production proposal (INFPro): the production program (2014). In this phase four attractive proposals will be selected, one for each format, and one will be chosen for production. The authors of the selected proposal will be advised by the experts of the observatory and provided with equipment, training and mentoring by recognized practitioners in the appropriate field. There will be a four-month preparation period and then the platform will give visibility to the selected projects. The aim is to put the emphasis on mobile devices for the first edition, with the team aiming to generate mobile applications (APPS).
  • Implementation of the database (INFInd): the index/directory of projects (2014). Each of the formats of interactive nonfiction will include a list sorted alphabetically and chronologically, with the project name, the year of production, a brief description of the project and a model of categorization in relation to a predetermined analytical model.
  • Implementing an online user community (Infcom): the social network (2015). At this stage the goal is to create the first social network dedicated to promoting the interactive nonfiction formats.
  • Organization of an event around interactive nonfiction (INFCon): the conference (2015). This will consist of a conference centred on the field of study, but this could adopt different formats such as a symposium, conference, festival or any other possible option.