For a thorough understanding of the current development status of interactive nonfiction productions, we have carried out extensive research in the following six areas: (1) Related Events and Conferences (specific and general), (2) Business/Production companies and specialized practitioners/featured actors, (3) Researchers (main and related disciplines), (4) specific software, (5) Bibliography and References (specific and related) and (6) Online Resources (specific and related). We believe that this review of the state of development of this field covers the vast majority of work relating to the formats of interactive nonfiction.

The analysis of the three main areas examined - Related Events, Companies and Specific Specialized Researchers - shows that there is little significant progress today and the most important work is concentrated in the research and production from the anglophone and francophone world, predominantly in countries such as Canada, England, France and the United States. It is precisely for this reason that we consider it to be essential to initiate a project that encourages the production of this type of projects, which will position itself in the Anglo-Saxon sphere, but that will also emphasize and enhance Latin culture (Catalonia, Spain and Latin America), and will provide a similar tool in three languages, Catalan, Spanish and English. A proposal such as INF would become a reference in the Catalan, Spanish and Latin American sector, and would also be connected to the entire potential English-speaking area.